Sample articles

Costabile, J
Introduction: In the 'Screening Level Assessment of BHP Coalwash and Basic Oxygen Steelmaking and Blast Furnace Slags' undertaken by Sinclair Knight Merz it was identified that for coal wash refuse there was a significant lack of suitable data available and that consequently no assessment could be made for various trace elements of interest. The aim of this report is therefore to provide the missing data gaps identified by SKM. This is being achieved by analysing the various blends of coalwash refuse that can be emplaced at Wongawilli. It will also allow characterisation of coalwash under the Waste Management Act Guidelines. The analysis undertaken included determinatino of specific elemental concentrations and Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure (TCLP) to determine the quality of leachate which can be generated under various conditions, with particular emphasis on metallic elements, various organics and PAH's.

Tongway, D; Hindley, N; Seaborn, V; Mulligan, D; Bellairs, S
Report Type: Research Project for ACMER, BHP Coal Ltd The objectives of the Gregory Field trip were to: 1. select a set of rehabilitation sites representing a wide range of ages and an analogue site 2. to assess EFA indices on the selected sites, as per the procedure in the Stage 1, 1997 CSIRO study 3. to select from those data, a set of locations representing a wide dynamic range of EFA indices and undertake field and laboratory measurements to be correlated with the indicator values. This is the verification procedure.

Fordham, A W
Glen Osmond, SA.
: CSIRO Division of Soils, Minesite Rehabilitation Research Program.
Report Type: Consultancy Report

Cullen, B
Seventeenth Annual Australian Mining Industry Council Environmental Workshop
Yeppoon, Queensland
: Australian Mining Industry Council
Because of a unique situation at the Gregory coal mine, a new approach to rehabilitation needed to be made. This paper describes the novel landform created and the rehabilitation results to date.

Bennett, R H; Pigott, C M
Environmental Workshop
Hungerford Hill, Hunter Valley, N.S.W
: Australian Mining Industry Council
Examples of the development of a land use and management plan are presented for several coal mines in central and southern Queensland.